"The Lord makes firm
the steps of the one
who delights in him."

Psalm 37:23

Theresa and I love music.  We have both been musicians for most of our lives,
and we both come from musical families. 

I grew up in Portland, Oregon, where my dad was the music director of a large Lutheran church, and the pianist with the Oregon Symphony Pops Orchestra.  My mom was a professional pianist, and also my first piano teacher.  When I was seven years old, mom would have me go out the back door of our house, walk around the house, and then come in through the front door for my piano lesson with her.  She thought that this would help me take the lessons more seriously, and it probably did help!  After the first year, I continued to study piano with a classical teacher in Portland.  Since then I’ve been fortunate to have worked with many excellent musicians, and I’m very grateful to all of them
for their help and encouragement. 

Theresa grew up in Southern California, where her mom was a professional singer and guitarist, and her grandmother was a church soloist.  Theresa’s grandma told me that when Theresa was very young, she would stand on the kitchen table, singing along with the music on the family sound system.  She studied piano and organ, sang in honor choirs, and was a member of a select group of college singers to tour with the Boston Pops Symphony Orchestra.  She has performed with the Pacific Symphony and sang under the direction of Paul Salamunovich, John Alexander, Keith Lockhart, and Carl St. Clair.
After Theresa and I got to know each other, she learned to play the five string bass guitar, so we could make music together. 

Besides the music we make, Theresa and I have many things in common, such as our love of nature, and our faith.  We also like good vegan and vegetarian cooking.  Fortunately for me, Theresa loves to come up with fun creations in the kitchen, which I am more than happy to partake of! 

We are blessed to be in beautiful Sedona, Arizona, where we are currently making music from our home studio, until it’s safe to play in public again.  We are working on new music, and as songs are completed they will be posted on this website. 

Thank you for listening to our music and visiting our website.  May God bless you and keep you safe! 

Mychal and Theresa Lotz